Fear Factor: BC Edition

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Lose yourself in nature and find peace.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of my favourite hobbies is hiking, and since moving to Vancouver last year I still can’t get over how many beautiful trails this area offers! My hikes help me to achieve balance in my life. To be surrounded by nature with only my thoughts, brings me inner peace and inspiration. I feel like I can accomplish anything after a difficult climb. The sights I have come across on my journeys leave me in awe. The fact that I get a killer work-out at the same time is just an added bonus!

 Needless to say, I’ve had some fearful experiences while hiking. Take last weekend for example, as you will see in my “Mandy’s World” video. I hiked up a trail beside Shannon Falls in Squamish. When I arrived a trail appeared that looked like a short-cut to the start of my planned route and I took it. Boy was I in for a surprise!  It turned out to be a trail that rock climbers in the area use for walking back down after a climb. After the interesting hike involving using ropes in sections to rock climb and walk on the edge of a cliff, I arrived to an opening near the top of the falls. What a view! I noticed a rope hanging across the entire stretch of the falls that lead to the perfect looking picnic spot, on a rock in the middle of the falls. My friends and I made our way across the slippery rocks using the “crazy (flimsy) rope.” Crossing back and forth my heart was pounding! It was definitely a thrilling hike that I would do again.

The other two trails in the video are Eagle Bluffs on Cypress Mountain and Mt. Seymour on Seymour Mountain.  Both offer incredible work-outs, and amazing views of Vancouver that seem to go on forever.

♥ Mandy