Double Dose of Grouse











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When I moved to Vancouver last year, one of the first hikes I did was the Grouse Grind. I had heard that it was a bit of a steep climb, but boy was I in for a surprise! It took me what seemed like an eternity to make it to the top. I remember telling myself that it was not a hike to add to my “would love to do this again” list. Time went on and my Grind experience was washed away with plenty of other challenging but more enjoyable hikes around the Vancouver area.

Then slowly I kept feeling the urge to explore Grouse Mountain again. I wasn’t ready to experience the Grind again so I decided to try the New BCMC Trail. The New BCMC Trail starts and ends where the Grind does but is a more gradual climb, hence making it sound like an easier journey. Wishful thinking on my behalf! As you’ll see in my “Mandy’s World” webisode, it was certainly not what you’d call a leisurely walk in the woods. Although it was not the hike that I had anticipated, it felt great being back on the top of Grouse Mountain and seeing the breathtaking view. So much so that it inspired me to give the Grind another try.

So this week was my first “re-Grind”, and guess what… I actually loved it. What a difference it makes with a change of attitude. I’m sure that the last few months of other challenging hiking experiences didn’t hurt either. I couldn’t believe how quickly I made my way up past the quarter mark, the half-way mark, and by the third-quarter sign I was feeling high on life (although my legs were starting to feel like Jell-o). When I made it to the top I felt a new burst of energy. I fathom it was probably the relief of knowing the climbing was over. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to have challenged myself not to the Grind, but to a hike that I had vowed to never try again. For the record, the Grind is now on my “would love to do again” list.

♥ Mandy