“Crazy Stuff for Crazy People”

Click to view my Vallarta Extreme Outdoor Adventure video.

When I booked my trip to Mexico, I knew that I wanted to do at least one day trip. Lately I have also had a strong desire to do more extreme sports. I love trying new activities and the rush that I get right before I do something that scares me is addictive! Mexico offers plenty of day trips to choose from. Once I read about the Vallarta Adventures Outdoor Adventure, I knew this would be the ultimate tour for me.

My day started at the V.A. headquarters in Nuevo Vallarta where I took a speed boat to Banderas Bay, and I had a bumpy off-road ride in a 4×4 Unimog into the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains to arrive at base camp. The silk spiders were ridiculously big! I went hiking, rode mules up the Mountain, and went zip lining, rappelling down waterfalls and did plenty of other fun activities. As you will see in my “Mandy’s World” video, it was a fantastic day trip.

This experience makes me want to try even more extreme sports, and I look forward to sharing all of them with you 🙂

♥ Mandy