Exploring Mexico: Puerto Vallarta Fun

Click to view my Puerto Vallarta Adventure video.

Puerto Vallarta was the city I landed in on my trip to Mexico. The city is about a twenty minute drive from where I was staying in the Nuevo Vallarta area. I decided to pass on the “free massage and sauna visit” on the public bus according to my hotel’s travel guide, and opted for a cab into town. I was glad that I made that choice, as the weather on my trip was incredible and HOT. I must have drunk what felt like gallons of water that day, and wore plenty of sunscreen!

Puerto Vallarta is a vibrant city with many neat things to see and do. As you will see in my “Mandy’s World” video, on my journey I went to: the Parish Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Malecón ocean boardwalk, 2 large markets named Mercado Isla Cuale and Mercado Municipal Cuale, the Plaza de Armas (Plaza de la Presidencia Municipal), and the Cuale Cultural Center. I also stopped along the way at restaurants, shops, to talk to locals and to take in the city’s incredible architecture.

Taking a day to explore Puerto Vallarta is in my opinion a definite must-do to any newbie to the area.

♥ Mandy