No Splits About it, Yoga is a Game Changer for Health

Mandy Ross, Yoga Instructor, Model, TV Host, TV Personality, Media, Success, Coach, Life Cheerleader, Brand Ambassador

I fell in love a long time ago… with yoga. I was introduced to the beautiful practice in my early teens.

I will never forget the day my Dad took me to my first class. I was fascinated with all of the elements; the stretches, poses, flow, meditation time, emphasis on breath and the feeling of complete bliss once I was finished. I had never felt so calm and energized at the same time. I was hooked!

Years of daily practice have allowed me to become extremely open and flexible physically, mentally and spiritually, and to go deeper internally and externally than I ever have. It has taught me compassion, gratuity, self-love and acceptance. In each session I push myself in various ways and continue to learn some of my greatest lessons; ones that I use off of my mat. I see a direct connection with how it affects other areas of my life positively. I feel as though the world is my yoga mat; figuratively and literally.

I truly have an appreciation for all types of yoga as each one is special and beneficial in its own way. My choice of type to practice really depends on my mood at the time. Yoga is pure nourishment for my soul. I believe that anyone can experience the same positive changes as well.

Here are some of the many benefits you can look forward to with consistently practicing:

  1. Relieving and helping you deal with stress. Yoga is a favourite form of therapy for many individuals and helps when dealing with stressful situations that occur in life.
  2. Having the “yoga glow.” It is as simple as it sounds. With increased oxygen flow to your skin and the positive vibes you will be experiencing, you will be radiating from the inside out.
  3. Weight loss. You can work up quite a sweat in some of the more active classes!
  4. Muscle tone. Many postures require you to use your own body weight resulting in muscle strength and definition.
  5. A better quality of sleep. I “sleep like a log” after evening sessions!
  6. Improving your posture. Proper form is essential in poses and you will notice a difference in how you stand.
  7. Mental health. Yoga has been proven to improve memory and concentration. Studies also claim that it can help in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s.
  8. Becoming more aware. By having to focus your attention on your breath throughout practice you will learn to tune out distractions and to be present in the moment; to fully enjoy living in the “NOW.”
  9. Letting go. Through yoga you will learn to feel more comfortable with letting go of anything that does not serve you. You may start to notice this change in your life; feeling more at peace with whatever life throws at you and no longer being attached to negative emotions.
  10. Becoming intuitive. Yoga teaches you to connect your body and mind. By becoming more in tune with both, you will also notice your inner voice becoming louder. When you listen to it, you will be able to make better decisions and it will allow you to be your most authentic self.

My favourite benefit of yoga is the pure joy that I feel every time I do it! I have learned that external factors make no difference in my true happiness; the ultimate joy I experience comes from within.

Namaste and have a beautiful day.