Full Speed Ahead Living: Healthy Tips for Avid Travelers

Mandy Ross, Journalist, TV & Media Personality, Success Coach, Life Cheerleader, Lifestyle Expert, Brand Ambassador, Yoga Instructor, Model

Life is a journey meant to be enjoyed in good health.

One of my greatest passions is travelling, going on adventures and exploring new places. Being that I am also a hardcore health nut it is important to me to maintain my healthy habits while on the go. I am often asked what my “secret “ is to being able to stay in shape with my “travel bug” life. Having just returned from an epic cross country road trip for 10 days, I want to share tips on how I stayed in top shape while navigating through a beautiful country. Although it isn’t always easy, I have learned that by planning ahead I can maintain my healthy lifestyle on the road.

Wellness Jet Setting Tips


  1. Always Pack a Pair of Runners and Workout Gear. I pretty much lived in my athletic wear while on my trip. It allowed me to be comfortable while riding and to be ready for any type of physical activity along my journey. Many times my friends and I would stop and get out to explore an area that often then turned into a hike. If fashion is a concern, many clothing brands now offer athleisure wear – perfect for individuals who want to be active and look stylish. One of my favorite brands that offer these designs is Karma Athletic Wear. Runners are the perfect travelling shoes as they allow you to explore on foot for hours comfortably making for happy feet –and a happy waistline— on a trip.
  2. Bring Healthy Snacks. This is a key element in staying healthy on the road. Packing healthy food allowed me to fuel my activities with nutritious and delicious treats, saved me money on having to buy outside and possibly less healthy foods and kept me from having to stop more frequently to eat. I didn’t have to stress or worry that stores would be selling items that I like as many times it isn’t easy to find all of your favorite food items at every store. I like packing snacks that are convenient, nutrient dense and easy to eat such as fruits (apples, oranges and bananas travel well), raw vegetables, hummus (for shorter trips), nuts, seeds, dried fruits, plant based protein bars and shake mix (InnerJ bars and Vega are great) and healthy baked goodies (recipe below for easy power packed cookies). When I ran out of produce, I would stop at grocery stores along the way to restock. I ended up eating healthier this way.
  3. Have a Go-To Travel Exercise Action Plan. Before your trip it is wise to set yourself up with workouts that will make it easy to maintain your fitness level pertaining to where you are staying. I brought my yoga mat and an exercise band that I used each morning to do my morning fitness mat routine. I did car and road side yoga, and whenever possible I ran or walked around the places that we stopped at to explore. I took the stairs ALWAYS, challenged myself to lunges and other exercises at restroom stops and looked up what physical activities and amenities were available where I was planning to stay each night (I love looking up local hikes before I travel to any destination). Regardless of the type of trip you are on, it is possible to fit in fitness and every little bit of exercise counts!
  4. Stay Hydrated. I can’t stress this tip enough. Regular travelling can be especially grueling on your body and drinking enough water is important in preventing dehydration. Bringing a reusable water bottle (or a few depending on space) is a good solution to ensuring that you will always have clean water at hand. Rest stops and food venues are good places to refill your bottle(s). This saved me money on buying water bottles, and was a green solution as well. Another money saving tip: bring your own tea and when you stop at coffee spots along the way ask for a cup of hot water (or even better bring your own thermos). Most places are happy to provide it free of charge. Coconut water is another delicious and nutritious beverage to help keep you hydrated on the go. I also sipped on a super foods green juice to fuel my activities, get my daily vitamin and mineral requirements and to boost my immune system. I love Organifi’s individual packets and could make juice easily on the go.
  5. Be Flexible. While it is important to maintain your healthy habits while travelling, having an open mind is ultimately the best attitude to have. It may mean changing up your usual routines, experimenting and trying new things to find what works for you given the resources that are available. I always look at this scenario as a fun adventure, challenge and opportunity to expand my horizons. Through this process I have discovered so much about myself and what my body, mind and soul is capable of.

Easy Power Packed Cookie Recipe



1cup oats (I used quick cooking ones)

1 banana (the riper the better)

1/2 tsp cinnamon

2 Tbsp dates cut up (or other dried fruit)

1 Tbsp walnuts (optional but yummy)


Heat your oven to 350 degrees Farenheit. Mush up the banana and oats together in a bowl, making sure that all oats are covered and that are no chunks of banana left. Next, mix in the cinnamon, cut up dates and walnuts. Use an ice cream scoop or spoon to make 12 little cookie balls. Place them on a slightly greased pan or parchment paper and bake for about 20 minutes or until the bottoms are slightly browned. Pair them with your favorite beverage and enjoy them on the go!

Happy and healthy travels!