Learning to Live in Alignment; How To Tap in to Your Life’s Purpose

Mandy Ross TV & Media Personality / Journalist / Yoga Instructor & Model / Lifestyle Expert & Brand Ambassador / Life Cheerleader

Fall madly in love… with your life.

On my continual journey of progression, I’ve become focused on being aware of whether the people, opportunities and situations in my life are in true alignment with who I am and what I am meant to accomplishment in my lifetime. There is something really satisfying by knowing that everything and everyone you are surrounding yourself with are all in synergy with your personal and professional mission. Life is meant to flow with a certain grace and ease when you are living your truth not a constant uphill battle, always feeling in a state of inner turmoil.

Of course, this is waaaaay easier said than done especially if you have gotten into a routine of “going through the motions” in your day to day life. Sometimes you may hear your inner voice speaking to you, but you’ve learned to quiet it as changing up the routine can be uncomfortable, scary, inconvenient, etc. While it may seem easier to allow something or someone’s presence to continue being in your life, tuning out that voice is doing a huge disservice to yourself. By not allowing yourself to surrender to what your true purpose is, you are denying yourself the opportunity to live fully, abundantly and extraordinarily.

The great news is that there are things that you can start doing today, right now that can help you to tap in to your life’s purpose and to live in alignment. The following are three questions that I use that have aided me in the process.

Why am I here?

I know, this question can seem overwhelming. You may be sitting there saying “how on earth do I answer something so generic and big?” Well I can assure you, you are not the only one. I ask myself this one regularly. I was born curious and questioning everything since before I can remember. One of my favorite inquiries starting at an early age has been questioning why I am here. Why was I, Mandy Ross put on this beautiful planet and what is it that I uniquely have that I can use to contribute to the greater good of society, that serves both myself and others in the world? What skills, talents and gifts was I blessed with that can help others on their path while maintaining my integrity, morals, values and truth? I’ve never stopped searching, and have realized that this is a lifelong quest that will continually evolve as my journey unfolds. The nugget of wisdom to take away from all of this is to tune out the outside world on a regular basis and ask yourself this question. Something wonderful occurs when you learn to merge your attention with intention; you will achieve successful results. By regularly asking yourself why you are here or in other words what your purpose is you will inevitably be given an answer. Naturally your curiosity will begin to manifest in various ways and your actions will start to stem from that place within that is seeking to know. You may not be given an answer right away, but you will certainly be on a positive path and one step closer to figuring out why you are here.

To serve, or to serve it up?

Once you have some insight on your life purpose, it can make living in alignment much easier. There is a little exercise I have learned to do whenever I am considering something or someone in life. This one may be the hardest exercise to adopt as it is the ultimate truth detector and takes awareness, vulnerability and most importantly honesty. Going along with my inquisitive nature I have learned to disconnect from the outside world (yes, this includes the digital world) and to reconnect to my inner voice. When I tune in I can become crystal clear on what it is I want to achieve and to be honest with myself about what is going on in my life, as though I am seeing it from an outside perspective. Almost automatically, I have taught myself what I like to call my “Mandy senses” a.k.a. intuition to kick in and give me an answer; whether the person or situation in question is truly in alignment with me and my mindful mission. With this answer I am able to decide whether it is serving me or if I need to serve it up from my life.

A perfect example of this that can be when you find yourself in a relationship with someone you really like or love. For some reason (intuition) you keep feeling like you want to end it but for various reasons (logic, ego, emotions) you feel the need to keep holding on to it. You know what should be done, but you keep fighting for it and may be reasoning with yourself that you have already invested so much into this person and relationship and continue to do everything that you can to try to make it work. When this happens you are compromising yourself and end up feeling exhausted as all of your energy is now being put into something that really should be flowing more gracefully. Of course this is way easier spoken than acted upon, especially if you have put your heart and soul into it. The lesson I have learned through this process is to try the alternative. In this case, if you are really having mixed feelings about a relationship, try out what it would be like to live without it. This doesn’t have to mean breaking up with your significant other but rather putting yourself in a mental space where you picture being without them and really tuning in to how that would feel. This requires absolute honesty. Do you feel a sense of relief and peace or do you truly feel like it is worth giving it another go? If you are really tapped in the answer will come to you. Whatever you decide to do, the fact that you are redirecting your energy in a proactive way rather than a reactive way will result in an answer eventually. This can be applied to all of the situations that come up in your life.

Get out of Your Comfort Zone

This one was a challenge for me when I started doing self work. As humans, it can be easy to resort to what we feel comfortable with. Why change a good thing, right? While sticking to what you know may be serving you short term, by not taking yourself out of your comfort zone, you will never know what you are capable of. When you learn to expand and to let go of your preconceived limitations, you gain powerful insight about yourself that can otherwise not be accessed. This insight will help to guide you in the right direction that you are meant to go in. Think of it as upgrading your internal compass, which is a necessary element in the navigational process of your life’s map. What small action can you do today that will get you out of your usual routine? Make a decision to try something whether big or small, everyday that scares you.

By letting go of the people and things that are no longing serving you, you automatically create space for all that will. When you start getting a better sense of yourself, your purpose and have learned to tune in on the regular, things start to flow with a sense of ease and grace. This is the natural state of how life is meant to be. While it is complex, it does not need to be complicated. When you learn to live in alignment you can achieve an inner state of bliss and with that, living a life of purpose will happen organically.

xo Mandy