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Operation Soul Nourishment Workshop

Mandy Ross TV & Media Personality / Journalist / Yoga Instructor & Model / Lifestyle Expert & Brand Ambassador / Life Cheerleader

As a life cheerleader and health and wellness coach, I help individuals to feel empowered, confident and inspired. I use my techniques to teach them how to connect with their mind, body and spirit through movement, mindfulness, motivation and meditation.

I AM. Two of the most powerful words you can ever speak.

I am Mandy Ross. I help others to tap into their highest potential and to live a life beyond their wildest dreams.

My journey with OSN has been a long time in the making. Four years ago I was going through a highly transformational and challenging time in my life. I had just ended a long term relationship, my Granny Ross who was one of the closest people to me passed away, and I was living on my own for the first time. I felt lost and didn’t know what direction I needed to go in. It was then that I faced the reality of having to be honest with myself. I knew if I didn’t make significant changes that I would continue down a path that wasn’t making me entirely happy and feeling fulfilled within. I also had to face the truth that I wasn’t using my gifts and talents to their fullest potential and therefore I was holding myself back from something greater. I made a choice to live fearlessly, fully and to focus on the most important relationship I will ever have, my relationship with me. I put myself on “Operation Soul Nourishment” and became immersed in my path to self-discovery and self work. Through time and many experiences I was able to heal myself, to find my passion and purpose, to fall deeply in love with my life and to now be able to serve and teach others how to do the same. This is more than a workshop for me; this is my calling.

These self- love workshops allow individuals an opportunity to tune out the outside world and to tap into their inner spirit. Each workshop is customized and mindfully created by Mandy Ross specific to the group. They combine a variety of activities and exercises including team building, connecting with others, connecting with oneself, writing, fitness, dance, sharing, discussion, goal and intention setting, stretching, movement, and socializing. Mandy will also be delivering a powerful keynote motivational message to those in attendance based on the theme of the workshop. In her talk, she will share about her personal struggles and triumphs and provide useful tools and techniques that have helped her to get through her dark times and to come out shining her brightest. There may be guest speakers who deliver talks and Q&A sessions additionally. Each workshop will feature a meditation taught by Mandy for an event that truly is nourishment for the body, mind and soul.

The workshops are only the beginning step for those in attendance as they will all be invited to join the Operation Soul Nourishment online group to continue the sharing, caring and movement of love.

I would love to serve you on your journey of health and wellness and to have you join me for this incredible event. We’re in this together, and together we can rise.

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30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond Program


In the 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond program, I’ll be coaching you along a fun and easy program to detox, balance blood sugars/hormones, support weight loss and ENERGY! 


  • Tackle your health and fitness goals
  • Premium vegan/ gluten free nutrition supplements
  • Learn balance eating habits (finally!)
  • Increase energy, nutrient uptake, balance blood sugar
  • Support healthy detox/ elimination
  • Guided support/ accountability via a private Facebook group
  • Coaching from a health and wellness coach and yoga instructor… me!

Get ready for support, community, expertise, guidance, and RESULTS!

To help get you started and for me to have the more details on how I can support your health goals, let’s get the conversation started by clicking here.